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"The art is to create a large whole,

a MOSAIC out of small inconspicuous parts."

About us

MOSAIC International Consulting is a young company founded in early 2017. Our goal is to create meaningful collaborations on an international level with an efficient use of resources, to support a sustainable and creative global development. On the basis of multi-stakeholder processes, we bring together the interests of varied actors to create room for impact and new opportunities as well as to reach a common goal.

We believe the solution to most challenges is not to create something new. It is rather about being true to the name MOSAIC by putting together or rearranging existing components resulting in something new.

By following this theme, we help our clients to analyse which pieces of the mosaic are already available, what additions might be needed and how to combine them into the desired result. The method we use and which emphasizes our approach is to realize the added value of international multi-stakeholder processes. We bring together and connect the strengths of all stakeholders involved in order to achieve better results.


For more information about us, please see:

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