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"The art is to create a large whole,

a MOSAIC out of small inconspicuous parts."


MOSAIC International Consulting is a young company founded in early 2017. Our goal is to create meaningful collaborations on an international level with an efficient use of resources to support a sustainable and creative global development. With a multi-stakeholder process, we bring together the interests of varied actors to create room for impact as well as new opportunities and to reach a common goal.

The internationality together with the development of target-oriented multi-stakeholder processes lead to more efficient and effective results. In addition, new potential structures or projects allow us to think beyond previous boundaries and to think outside of the box. Therefore, it is important to ensure that not only the consultation and implementation of multi-stakeholder processes take place, but also that communication, international relations, qualification and cooperation play a dominant role and thus need to be improved and promoted.

With our services we help you to face and master the current challenges as well as the increasing complexity. In order to be able to implement tasks in our global world of today, especially in the area of international cooperation, multi-stakeholder processes are increasingly necessary. It is not uncommon for companies, state institutions, universities, non-governmental organizations, interest groups, think tanks, media and foundations, or at least some of these actors, to come together. In addition to classic intercultural challenges, different ways of working, organizational cultures and values ​​often emerge. Managing and realizing these processes is a challenge that MOSAIC gladly supports. Our consultants have many years of experience in controlling such processes and know and understand the different ways of thinking and working.


We believe that the solution to most challenges is not to create something new. It is rather about being true to the name MOSAIC by putting together or rearranging existing components resulting in something new.

By following this theme, we help our clients to analyse which pieces of the mosaic are already available, what additions might be needed and how to combine them into the desired result. The method we use and which emphasizes our approach is to realize the added value of international multi-stakeholder processes. We bring together and connect the strengths of all stakeholders involved in order to achieve better results. However, it is important to always make sure that the multi-stakeholder processes are not an end in itself but rather that the use of this approach allows the actors involved to achieve the desired goals better and more efficiently. Our specific services for this are: evaluation, consulting, training and management.

If you are interested in our services, feel free to have a look at the tab ’services’ on our website.

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