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"The art is to create a large whole,

a MOSAIC out of small inconspicuous parts."


The core aspect of successful work and collaboration is the employee. Therefore, human resource development is one of the most important aspects for any company or organisation. MOSAIC offers trainings in plenty of areas such as communication, leadership and awareness to solidify the knowledge and skills of your teams and to thus successfully manage your projects.

Competence and skill create trust.

Our principle is to motivate employees and to offer them space to thrive. Offering knowledge and skills is the key to create such opportunities and acceptance within a team.

Develop ideas successfully.

People together with their knowledge, competence and skills are the core of any organisation or company. Our goal of trainings and workshops is to actively incorporate various stakeholders to create a holistic experience and understanding for the trainees.

From the beginning,we will analyse the need for training with you and offer individualised qualification programmes. We have a step by step process to communicate the needed knowledge and skills to equip participants with knowledge so that organisations can evolve and thrive independently.   


MOSAIC creates innovative and tailor-made workshops and trainings that will fit your organisation or company needs specifically. We support our clients to create concepts that will garner the needed qualification and skills. We offer these options for individuals, groups or even as motivational /introductory speeches at conferences:

We have a large repertoire of seminar topics in the following areas:

  • Intercultural awareness

  • International collaboration (also possible for a specific country)

  • Virtual communication/collaboration

  • Country specific expat training (living&working in a new country/culture)

  • Marketing (general & country specific)

  • Leadership

  • Personnel management

  • Team development

  • Unconscious bias, diversity

Contact us and we can create a unique solution for your organisation!

For large scale programme development that includes qualification feel free to check out our project management section.

MOSAIC has plenty of consultants and trainers with many years of experience that can train and consult your employees.

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