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"The art is to create a large whole,

a MOSAIC out of small inconspicuous parts."


We will assure that the collaboration of diverse stakeholders and cultures will be free of tension or disruption to bring them closer to their goal.

This is also true for the evaluation and problem analysis of international programmes and projects. Such evaluations can only effectively show strengths and limitations when all stakeholders and their actions are included in the analysis process. It does not really matter if this is based on a specific industry or project, a multi stakeholder process analysis is a generally crucial step towards success. We will evaluate and analyse your project, identify important stakeholders and assess the overall collaboration.

MOSAIC can evaluate and analyse your whole project (ex-post or ex-ante) and offer a ​report on which aspects of the project show potential for improvement and how you can better incorporate relevant stakeholders into a project.

MOSAIC will especially utilise their experience in the field of network expansion as well as consulting in multi-stakeholder processes. Our offer ranges from evaluating full programmes to specific analyses of multi stakeholder settings for your planned project.


The ​input of MOSAIC towards your project can have different levels of intensity:

  • Low: We will analyse existing multi-stakeholder processes in your project and present potential improvements.

  • Intermediate: We evaluate your project, as well as your multi-stakeholder processes and deliver an extensive analysis of how current processes can be improved and how you can incorporate further stakeholders.

  • High: We analyse your whole project (the consultation of experts included) and offer an in-depth evaluation report.

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