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"The art is to create a large whole,

a MOSAIC out of small inconspicuous parts."


We believe that the solution for most challenges is not always to create something totally new but rather to put the pieces in the right position within a MOSAIC resulting in a new and larger effect.

The method that MOSAIC uses is to find and empower the right stakeholders. We connect the strengths and skills each stakeholder has and bring them together to create a much more efficient solution than anyone could have come up with on their own. Such multi-stakeholder processes are not meant to be an end in itself.


The management of programmes and projects also needs a good stakeholder management to ensure effective international collaboration. We support you in finding the missing pieces of the mosaic and stakeholders in the maze of the complex structures and processes that we are faced with today so that you will be successful in your endeavours.

We focus on the following: 

  • International development programmes for employees

  • Foreign economic trade development programmes

  • Complex network set ups

  • International interdisciplinary alumni programmes

MOSAIC will especially utilise its experience in the area of network expansion as well as consulting in multi-stakeholder processes.


Our offer ranges from managing small projects up to full programmes or multi stakeholder settings for your planned project. After discussing in-depth your planned project/programme and the respective needs, you can decide on the amount of support you would like to make us of from our side. It can range from anything, e.g. a day or even several months/years, the work intensity is up to you.

Of course and in case you would like full support for your project, we can also make an offer that includes all other products we offer, including evaluation, consulting and training. Please contact us for a more in-depth conversation.

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